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Extra virgin ecological olive oil

Available in three sizes:
250ml, 500ml, 750ml

PURE&good olive oil comes from organic olives growing in the heart of the Spanish Andalusia, a region famous for its very good air quality and exceptional environmental qualities. The olive tree plantations are in the mountains, where the fruits ripen. This area has a unique microclimate and the sun shines over 300 days a year, which makes the olives very ripe, juicy and characterized by exceptional taste and physico-chemical properties. Olive pressing takes place immediately after harvest, during late autumn, directly in the crop area. Our oil is obtained from the first cold pressing, it is not filtered or subjected to any processes of industrial processing. The quintessence of the process is so-called decantation (from Spanish: decantado), which consists in a gentle separation of liquid olive oil from the plant sediment by pouring off the upper layer of liquid – the most valuable, which then goes to our bottles. The natural turbidity of the oil is the result of the lack of filtration process – this guarantees preservation of all precious properties and values.

Extra virgin ecological olive oil

The use of organic farming and the absence of industrial processing guarantee the preservation of all valuable properties and values. Pure&good olive oil is poured into dark glass bottles that provide the best protection of the product against the harmful effects of light. Available in three sizes: 250 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml.

Product information


Nutritional information per 100 g
energy: 3454kJ / 825kcal
fat: 92g
of which:
carbohydrates 0g
of which:
– sugars:
– sugar alcohol (polyols):
dietary fiber: 0g
protein: 0g
salt: 0g